Paperless Solution

Go Paperless to Improve Efficiency and Reduce Costs

Instead of going through tons of boxes and rifling through file cabinets. With Paperless Solution you can find the documents you need in seconds on your computer or mobile device. With document imaging, your paper documents are converted into digital images which can be securely stored on your server or in the cloud to your preference. Once scanned, your document will be indexed with 99.5% accuracy guaranteed. With optional items like barcode indexing or optical character recognition indexing (OCR), you will be able to search your digitized documents and find exactly what you are looking in a very short time. We can even quickly digitize handwritten information from surveys, and more.

Find The Document You Need In Seconds

Once digitised document are indexed, it allows for the quick and easy retrieval of your scanned documents. You can search on any value you would like, such as invoice number, customer name, data field, document type, and more. With today’s optical character recognition (OCR), our imaging technology can convert scanned documents and electronic files like PDFs or digital images into fully searchable text documents. This means that you can do full text searches by identifying key words and how often they appear in context, share data across applications to streamline communications and workflow.This will avoid the time and cost for manual data entry plus all the corresponding errors.

Find what you need in no time with any of our highly optional accurate indexing processes:

  • Barcodes
  • Automated data capture software
  • Soft Filing and Indexing for easy and fast search
  • Variable Lookup

Customised Software for Integration

Once all the document are digitised, our design and software developer will develop an integration software for paperless/Document Management System and workflow automation and security. You can securely save, access, share, and process the documents you need whenever you need them. Document level access with roles based access, user rights, and administrative settings are carried through to these devices, ensuring security while you work and no matter where you are.With our Paperless Solution it will free you from the burden of having to administer software without compromising security. These powerful document management systems also reduce your software administrative needs, IT infrastructure costs, and increasing operational expenses.

Improves Efficiency and Reduces Costs

Well manage and better control your documents with access level privileges, functionality controls, audit trails, utilization reports, and security logs. It will leverage your software investment with built-in scalability for unlimited users and projects. All the information can be easily enforce centrally with proper indexed digitised document storage and ensure version control. Easy to Retrieve and share documents in seconds from any computer or mobile device. It streamlines processes by seamlessly integrating with your existing line-of-business applications through our customised integration software development. Meet regulatory compliance guidelines more easily and auditable. It will reduce labor and real estate costs, and mitigate risk.

Experience the Freedom of a Paperless Office

Reduced costs and greater efficiency are just the start.

Going paper free could be the best thing you do for your organization

Your business will run more efficiently, more profitably, and more securely with document scanning services, workflow automation, Digital eSignature and document management software.

Benefits to Customers

  • Spend less time searching and more time working
  • Save time, money, and space
  • Improve efficiency and control
  • Mitigate risk and exposure
  • Go Green and Environmental Friendly

It will enable you to locate and process documents faster, reduce operating and labor costs. At the same time, it eliminates the requirement of file cabinets and storage boxes throughout your organization. It will enable access documents on demand, shareable sensitive data with existing business software, and automate processes to maximize staff efficiency and reduce cost. All important information or files and sensitive documents are securely stored and document access controls can be enforced thus ensuring only approved individuals can access your critical documents.

It will decrease your company’s carbon footprint by digitizing all your documents and save paper printing, trees and the environment.